When Kim, co-founder of The Picha Project, introduced a plate of dal and yoghurt covered dumplings (Mantus) as 'drugs', we thought she was exaggerating. 2 hours later, tummies bursting at the seams, yet strangely wanting more, we realised how addictive this food really was! To make matters worse, Masouma, our host, who prepared our meal from scratch, since 4 am that morning, said 'You have to finish 3 more mantus or we won't let you leave'. Thankfully, she did, after 2, and generously invited us to return for a meal anytime.

Thank you Picha Project for an afternoon filled with laughter, love, and purposeful conversations :)

The Picha Project Open House brings together locals and refugees in Malaysia for a home-cooked meal. For a non-touristy experience of KL, while supporting a good cause, please contact them to find out more!