The Steve McQueens

Esplanade Recital Studio

The Steve McQueens is a neo-vintage soul-funk band, with a penchant for groove, and making music that just feels good.

Since their debut in 2013, this quintet from Singapore have been defining their own style of jazz infused neo-soul, a groove-based hybrid of tightly arranged and freely improvised sounds.

The band have played at the major venues and festivals in Singapore and the region, including the Singjazz Festival and Indonesia's Java Jazz Festival. Their concerts are at once soulful and sultry, eclectic and eccentric. It was this riveting mix and originality that caught the attention of veteran producer Bluey, leader of seminal acid jazz band Incognito, who invited them to London to record with him. The result is their 2015 album, Sea Monster.

The Steve McQueens (SMQ) are now signed to international labels P-Vine (Japan), Splash Blue (UK) and Foundation Records (Asia) and their talents have helped them reach international audiences, including opening for Incognito at The O2 in London, and more international dates are being lined up as they continue to build their reputation and rapport with audiences.

SMQ is Ginny Bloop (vocals), Joshua Wan (keyboards), Jase Sng (bass), Aaron James Lee (drums) and Fabian Lim (saxophones).